Gender Based Violence and Individualised Aged Care and Disability Support

The aim of the workshop is to provide an opportunity for Victorian advocacy groups, unions and researchers to have a conversation about this issue to identify common concerns and interests and consider ways in which we can make a difference to the lives of aged care and disability support service users and workers.

Meg Montague, an experienced facilitator and researcher, will run the workshop.

There is a lot of community concern about violence in both disability support and aged care services, as is reflected in the current Royal Commissions.  Most of the focus has been on violence towards service users, particularly in institutions. There has been much less focus on violence in home and community-based support and care which is increasingly experienced by both service users and workers.  Nor has there been much focus on the ways in which the conditions of care and support for service users and the conditions of work for home care and disability support workers systematically contribute to this violence.

A gender-based violence perspective is valuable as the majority of the care and support workforce are women and much of the work undertaken in this sector is profoundly undervalued as it is assumed to be women’s work and it is thus viewed as ‘unskilled’. A gender perspective also takes into account that women with disabilities and older women are more vulnerable to violence than men.

Light refreshments provided.


Tue 21st May, 20191:00 - 3:00pmOxford Scholar Hotel:
Thompson Room
427 Swanston Street

Registration and RSVP

Free but RSVP essential



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