Disability Employment Australia Conference

This conference is dedicated to significantly increasing open employment outcomes for people with disability. It is Australasia’s premier conference for managers, practitioners, and academics working in or with the Disability Employment Services sector.

We know that the key to the future of disability employment is the DES program, the DES sector, and DES expertise. However, DEA, as a national leader in this dialogue, asks its members, committed stakeholders, and conference delegates to look well beyond thinking about a DSS-commissioned iterative program and into what you know as evidence-based best practice.  What works to get significantly more people with disability into sustainable employment?

As always there will be a focus on starting with the person, the employer, and the DES provider. We want to hear more about working with families, community, departments and governments. We also want to bring more universities to the table, and to look beyond Australia for good ideas. Very quickly 2019 will turn into 2022. In light of this want to be able to stand proud with you knowing that the workforce participation rate for people with disability has risen and that we have played our part.

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Wed 28th Aug, 2019 - Thu 29th Aug, 2019Perth

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Disability employment Australia

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Conference, Summit, Congress

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Meaghan Warner, Conference Works

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(03) 9870 2611


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