Strengthening Disability Advocacy Conference 2017
Getting into gear for the NDIS journey

Friday 15 September @ NAB The Hall

Miranda Bruyniks

Photo of Miranda Bruyniks, Deputy Commissioner, Disability Services Commissioner (DSC)

Deputy Commissioner, Disability Services Commissioner (DSC)

Miranda has over 30 years experience in the disability and insurance sectors, starting her career as an Occupational Therapy clinician before moving into regulatory and management roles including manager of an occupational rehabilitation centre,  the Medical Assessment Tribunals in Queensland, the TAC and the Department of Human Services in Victoria.

As Deputy Commissioner at Disability Services Commissioner, Miranda takes a leading role in promoting the rights of people with disability, oversight of critical incidents reported by disability service providers and the resolution of complaints about Victorian disability services. She is committed to improving the lives of those who use disability services, and in particular, ensuring that people with a disability are heard and protected from abuse and neglect.


GPS needed for the road ahead 

Friday 15th September, 2017: 2:30pm - 3:30pm

The sector lobbied hard to retain independent advocacy by remaining outside the NDIS. Anecdotally, it’s acknowledged that participants achieve better outcomes through their interaction with the Agency by seeking advocacy assistance- but what will advocacy look like in the new NDIS landscape? This panel will identify the pot holes and road blocks ahead where advocacy might be called upon to hold the system to account. Might advocacy prove to be the most effective GPS for the NDIS?