Strengthening Disability Advocacy Conference 2017
Getting into gear for the NDIS journey

Friday 15 September @ NAB The Hall

Liz Wright

Photo of Liz Wright, Disability Access Officer

Disability Access Officer

Liz Wright stepped in as a last minute replacement due to Trevor Carroll being to unwell to attend.

Apart from her work as the Disability Access Officer at Maribynong City Council, Liz is probably better known as the host on Are you looking at me? radio program on 3CR.


Revving up empowerment in the NDIS 

Friday 15th September, 2017: 1:00pm - 2:00pm

Since its inception, a fundamental principle of the NDIS has always been to promote choice and control. This panel will investigate how empowered people with disability really are in asserting these principles through NDIS processes. Are goals translated into supports through planning and does ‘reasonable and necessary’ refer to need of the participant or the NDIA’s bottom line?