Closing address

Closing address


Friday 14th September, 2018: 4:00pm - 4:00pm


The Hall


Wayne Herbert, Disability Activist, Author and Presenter

Wayne is a prominent, in-demand, and outspoken international public speaker, presenter, advocate, writer and comedian promoting the rights of and opportunities for people with disability and people in the LGBTIQ community. Wayne believes his parents won the diversity lottery, as he is a disabled, gay, aspiring drag queen! Wayne now embarks on the journey as a writer with his first book Anecdotes of a Disabled Gay. His book is a collection of the shit people say to a thirty-something-year-old disabled gay man.

Photo of Wayne Herbert, Disability Activist, Author and Presenter

Session Summary

A wrap of the day’s proceedings and some key ‘take home’ messages with the delightful Wayne Herbert.



So how did Wayne pull up at the end of the day…


And we’ll give the last word to Colleen Furlanetto. Marie McInerney, Roving reporter for SDAC18, managed to corner Colleen at the end of the day which is great for us as she summed up the difficult conversations that were had during the day and shared some thoughts about where to from here.